Multiples Series


Becuase one, just isn't enough.

About the Project

"As a child I was fascinated by magicians. They create illusions that seemed so real, but you knew they weren’t or couldn’t be real.""

Alicia's approach to the “Multiples” series is just that - to create a scene that altogether appears real, yet you know it isn’t possible. Like magicians, and to try to tell a story with illusion, because the trick is cool but the story pulls it together.

Alicia fell in love with Adobe Photoshop in college - the ability to take a photograph and alter its original state into something new. To this day that is her passion, taking photos and creating images. Sometimes only make small alterations, just the color or exposure, other times, it’s a whole composite image, taking pieces from multiple photos.

The “Mulitples” series started as a senior project, but it continued even afterwards.

The shooting process is very fun; Alicia arrives prepared with an idea of what to shoot, but after assessing the location and talking with the subject the story begins comes to life. After taking many photos, the images turn into a story in the editing room.

As with any project that you work on for many years, the process grows and evolves. Always looking for more and challenging ways of illusion and story telling.