Meet Alicia

I am a photographer, a videographer, an editor, and more. I use the umbrella term “imaging” to cover all that I can do, because it all encompasses some type of digital image.

From capture to post-production, stills to video, Adobe Photoshop to After Effects, 2D to 360º; I can do it all!

My Beginnings

I have been capturing and creating images for over 10 years. It all started with a digital imaging class at Rochester Institute of Technology. Since then, I’ve been shooting, editing, retouching, restoring, cropping, and stitching!

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Skills & Services


I shoot headshots, pets, babies, products, locations, content for social media, and more.

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I’ve created promotional, animation, motion graphics, timelapses, and stop-motion videos.

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360-degree photos and videos can be fun and used for virtual reality headsets, websites, and social media.

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Post Production


Fix it in post? Sure! From fixing distracting backgrounds, to pimples, and even more advanced editing.

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I edit videos with content I’ve shot, povided content, and stock content. I use Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.

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Social Content

Social media requires content, so why not make it quality content? Like photos, videos, cinemagraphs, motion graphics, and more!

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Bonus Skills


Don’t let memories fade. I can repair faded, ripped, and stained photographs. High-resolution scanning and digitization.

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Video Conversion

Need old videos converted? I convert and digitize from 8mm tape, mini DV, VHS, and VHS-C. Get those memories digitized before they are lost forever!

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See things from a different angle. Get a birds-eye view of your property. Both photo and video for a variety of uses.

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